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What is a sliding scale?

A sliding scale is used to encourage people to pay according to their available resources. Those with greater financial privilege contribute more, allowing those with less access, to pay according to their means.


I offer sliding scale pricing for all prints and workshops. This allows me to sustain my art practice while making accessibility as broad as possible.

How do I choose what to pay?
The Green Bottle chart below expands our understanding of financial privilege and experience. Please use it to determine the level you’re able to pay.

This image and framework was originally created by Alexis J. Cunningfolk |

with additions from Britt Hawthorne |



Why might I feel uncomfortable about this?
Capitalism persists because of its ability to transmit shame, and therefore halt the uncomfortable tasks required to upend it.

If you need to pay less for art, please do so. In the words of Britt Hawthorne, poverty is a condition that governments and employers insist on maintaining. You are not poor because you did not work hard. You are not poor because you are not intelligent. You are not poor because you chose to be.

If you can pay more for art, please do so. Your decision to invest more is an act of solidarity and a refusal to accept the benefits of racial capitalism and privilege. Your investment will go towards subsidizing sliding scale purchases, mutual aid donations, and supporting the art and artist.

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