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Heather ‘Bird’ Harris (b. 1987) is an artist, curator, and educator who prioritizes caretaking and connection. Her work explores the throughlines between land history and ecological crises, engaging with communities, scientists, and site-specific materials to investigate memory, systems of complicity, and possibilities for emergence.

Harris received her B.S. in Art History and Studio Art from Skidmore College and master’s degree in Education Leadership from Columbia University. Harris has served as principal of a turnaround school in New Orleans and has consulted with school leaders across the South to implement equitable learning practices and empowering history education. Her art has been exhibited at Art Fields, Stoveworks, New Mexico State University Museum, Bristol Art Museum, the Barnes Ogden Gallery at Louisiana State University, Science Gallery Atlanta, and has been featured nationally on NPRSea Change, Artist/Mother Podcast, and All We Can Save Project. She was one of 7 artists selected for the Arts & Social Justice Fellowship at Emory University in 2023. Upcoming residencies include the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies in the Hudson Valley, New York and the Hambidge Center in northern Georgia. Bird is an MFA candidate in Painting at Georgia State University.

Bird lives in Atlanta with her partner Josh and their two children, Jade and Hazel.



2026     Georgia State University

M.F.A. candidate

2014     Columbia University, NY                                Education Leadership 

2009     Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, NY             

B.S. in Art History, Minor: Studio Art


2025    Solo exhibition, Spalding Nix, Atlanta, GA (forthcoming)


2024    Sonoran Heritage Waters, University of Arizona, Tucson,

AZ (forthcoming)

2023     Landscape as a Living Historical Record, Emory University,

Atlanta, GA

2023    Land Memory Project, Science Gallery, Atlanta, GA 


2022    Where the Water Goes, SALON Gallery, New Orleans, LA


2024     Rescue: Waste and Redemption, Lyndon House Arts

Center, Athens, GA (curated by Lizzie Zucker Saltz) 

Canary in the Water, Blue Heron Nature Preserve, Atlanta, GA (curated by Pam Longobardi and Jeremy Bolen) 

2023     Finding Grounding, Louisiana State University,

Baton Rouge, LA (curated by Courtney Taylor)

Wild Pigment, New Mexico State University

Museum (curated by Tilke Elkins)

            Sex Ecologies: Becoming Plastic, Stoveworks,

Chattanooga, TN (curated by Leah Dalton)

A Way of Seeing Everything and Nothing, Ely Center of Contemporary Art, New Haven, CT (curated by Something Projects)

A Small Point of Land, Bristol Art Museum, Bristol, RI (juried)

The Art of Water VII, James May Gallery, Milwaukee, WI 

JUSTICE, Science Gallery, Emory University, Atlanta, GA (curated by Floyd Hall)


ArtFields, Lake City, SC (juried)

TRIO, Mont Art House, Houston, TX 


2024    Collective Telling, co-curation with Jennifer Williams, Echo

Contemporary Art, Atlanta, GA 

2023    How to Become a Caretaker, Emory University, Atlanta, GA 

2022    Earth Body, co-curation with Erin Drakeford, Echo

Contemporary Art, Atlanta, GA 


2024     Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies, Canoo Hill Creative

Arts Residency, Millbrook, NY

The Hambidge Center, Visual Arts Residency, Rabun Gap, GA


2023     Emory University Arts and Social Justice Fellowship,

Atlanta, GA

Zero Foot Hills Residency, Durham, CT 

Stay Home Gallery & Residency, Paris, TN

2022    SALON Residency + Gallery, Arts Council of New


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