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Consulting Work

I am an artist, curator, and learning consultant who prioritizes caretaking and connection. 

My work bridges the fields of art, education, and social impact by creating meaningful learning experiences that shift perspectives. I often use this pathway to create turnaround strategies: employing systems thinking to analyze current issues, principles of reparative history to understand the past, change theory to develop stronger visions, and best practices for adult learning to empower individual and collective shifts. I've applied this process to transform and build middle schools, history curricula, undergraduate courses, non-profit trainings, visual art and social practice projects, curation and community programming, and activism more broadly. The problems we face today are interconnected and complex, and I believe this layered process of systems analysis, historical rooting, relationship-centered communication, and compassionate facilitation is critical for moving us forward. Although this range may seem disparate, I see the work as intricately connected, all requiring careful observation and deeply intentional caretaking of people, places, and visions.

I received my B.S. in art history from Skidmore College in 2009, Master's degree in education leadership from Columbia University in 2014, and I'm currently a Master of Fine Arts candidate at Georgia State University. I have served as a middle school teacher, instructional coach, principal of a turnaround school in New Orleans, and director of social studies, supporting school leaders across the South to implement equitable learning practices and anti-racist history education. 


My passion for history education led to the current focus of my art practice: exploring the throughlines between history and environmental crises. I work with communities, scientists, and site-specific materials to investigate land memory, local ecology, systems of complicity, and possibilities for emergence. Beyond my studio practice, I teach undergraduate studio art at Georgia State University and freelance as a consultant for organizations across the U.S, specializing in adult learning and DEI. 

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Whether through creating art, turnaround visions, or learning experiences, I am interested in working with anti-racist organizations and individuals for short or long-term projects that require creative responses to address complex problems.


Project Consulting

Need support to increase your project's social impact? I offer consulting services tailored for organizations seeking creative responses to complex challenges, including developing and facilitating learning experiences, improving curriculum and equitable systems, or creating public art and community programming.


Fees are project-based or hourly depending on length. 

Remote support with limited ability to travel.


Book A Call

For individuals seeking focused, bite-sized support, I offer personalized consultation calls. Whether you need guidance on a particular aspect of your project, feedback on equity, or a fresh perspective on your creative work, booking a call is an ideal way to gain support and direction in an accessible, concise format.

Sliding scale 

$50 - $200 / hour

questions? Contact Bird here.


Teaching Philosophy

Excellent teaching can be a form of social practice; it aims to create experiences that shift people’s perspectives. Through my work as an artist and educator, I'm interested in exploring how we can use creative processes to interrogate issues of inequity and imagine alternative ways of being through education and relationships.

Ultimately, teaching is based on relational accountability. Through a balance of challenge, support, and trust, education can be transformative, liberating, and expansive. 

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