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JULY 14, 2024 


10% of proceeds from this workshop will be donated to environmental justice orgs and mutual aid networks in Rhode Island.

Want to attend but it's not in your budget?
Pay what you can! S
liding scale $0 - $200.
Black and indigenous artists and educators to the front.
Contact Bird to reserve your spot and set your own price. 

What You'll Learn:

  • how to forage earth pigments responsibly

  • ​how to process clay, rocks, and soil into high-quality fine art pigments

  • how to make watercolor and gouache paint from earth pigments 

  • techniques for painting with natural paint on paper

Snacks + Drinks

  • a spread of delicious snacks and drinks prepared by Bird's mom

  • relaxing music and good vibes

Where We'll Be

  • this workshop is extra special because it will be held at Bird's childhood home at Matunuck Beach

Connection + Community

  • meet like-minded artists, environmentalists, educators, and good people

  • share ideas and plant seeds that will grow (it's a metaphor)


  • Materials Bird will provide: paint brushes, paper, binders and additives, palette knives, + sifters 

  • Materials you'll need to bring: tempered glass palettemortar & pestleglass muller, and soil/clay that you'd like to make into paint

You have the option of purchasing these materials from me at cost before the workshop. Add Earth Pigment Tools to your cart and these items will be ready for you in the studio when you arrive and will be yours to take home after class.

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questions? email

Bird is FANTASTIC teacher! She knows her stuff, but knows how to meet the individual student where they're at. She taught me so much about my own creativity and potential by equipping me with new knowledge, but also helping me tap into the skills I already have. She has the instructional skills of a teacher and the knowledge and craft of an artist. You will walk away from time spent with Bird having learned something meaningful about yourself as an artist and a person, 100%.

Melissa P.

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