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JUNE 24 - JUNE 25 


In this 2-day workshop and nature retreat, you’ll learn how to make natural paint from rocks, soil, and clay. The workshop will take place at Bell Moon Arts which sits on 10 acres of land nestled in the Appalachian mountains of western North Carolina. 

No previous experience required, all skill levels welcome.


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What You'll Learn:

  • how to forage earth pigments responsibly

  • ​how to process clay, rocks, and soil into high-quality fine art pigments

  • how to make paint from earth pigments (we'll focus on watercolor but the same skill can be applied to acrylic and oil paint)

  • techniques for preparing and painting on raw canvas



    We will start by grounding ourselves in land memory and history, as well as learning how to gather earth in ways that are culturally and environmentally responsible. We will hike to gather handfuls of earth from the land and streams around Bell Moon. After lunch, we’ll clean, grind, and levigate the earth into high-quality fine art pigments and leave them to dry overnight.

    On the second day we'll learn how to mull the refined pigments with a binder to make your own natural watercolors. You’ll learn methods for using natural paint on raw canvas and watercolor paper and create two circular color studies on raw canvas. You’ll take home the watercolor pans you made from Bell Moon along with the skills to make your own paint from earth pigments.

All Materials Provided

  • paint brushes, binders and additives, mortar + pestles, palette knives, + sifters for use in class

  • raw canvas and watercolor paper for practice
  • 2 prepared 10" x 10" raw canvases to take home with you
  • a tempered glass palette for use in class

  • a glass muller for use in class

If you'd like to take home the tools to continue your practice, you have the option of purchasing them from me at cost before or during the workshop. Add Earth Pigment Tools to your cart and these items will be ready for you in the studio when you arrive and will be yours to take home after class.

Travel + Lodging 

  • Workshop participants are responsible for their own travel to and lodging.

  • For those traveling from out of town, the nearest airports are Atlanta, GA or Asheville, NC. Both are about 2.5 hours away. It is a 2 hour drive from Atlanta.

  • For lodging, we recommend VRBO or Airbnb.  Limited camping sites are available free of charge on the Bell Moon property - please inquire by email.

  • The exact location of the workshop will be sent to registered participants the week before arrival.


  • Breakfast, lunch, and snacks are provided.

  • Dinners curated by a guest chef will be available. Workshop participants are invited to stay after hours and join in with instructors and resident artists for an optional family-style meal. Full menu and pricing will be sent out closer to the time of the workshops. Estimated pricing for dinners $30-40.

Connection + Community

  • meet like-minded artists, environmentalists, educators, and good people

  • share ideas and plant seeds that will grow (it's a metaphor)

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questions? email

Bird is FANTASTIC teacher! She knows her stuff, but knows how to meet the individual student where they're at. She taught me so much about my own creativity and potential by equipping me with new knowledge, but also helping me tap into the skills I already have. She has the instructional skills of a teacher and the knowledge and craft of an artist. You will walk away from time spent with Bird having learned something meaningful about yourself as an artist and a person, 100%.

Melissa P.

workshops spring + summer 2023
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