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APRIL, 2022

wetland soil donated from Grand Chenier/Atakapa-Ishak land, deconstructed brick and clay from Bonfouca/ Liberté/ Salmen brickyard in St. Tammany Parish, clay watercolor from the artist's backyard / Bulbancha, synthetic color and water on raw canvas

72" x 72"

Available through Mont Art House. 

‘April’ came easily. She was fun and stress-free and to me embodied the jasmine-infused joy around New Orleans in the spring of 2022 when the world opened up again. Her petals unfurled on canvas to look like the Louisiana coastline. The deltas and inlets like the edges of a Georgia O’Keefe. And that pistil. You know, it starts as an ovary? This is how we are too — fluid embodiments of nature, and more than sum of our parts. It’s a collective delusion that masculinity is anything but soft.

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