Heather Bird Harris Artist

Heather Bird Harris paints tonal landscapes that reflect the history of land. Using found pigments from the land itself, her work explores parallels between humanity and nature, including our past and present relationship to the land. 

Heather graduated from Skidmore College in 2009 with a degree in Art History and Studio Art.  She has worked closely with artist Oliver Herring to host three iterations of his relational works, “Task Parties,” and has also participated in the Turnaround Arts program through President Obama’s Committee on the Arts and Humanities. As an educator, Heather also writes anti-racist history curriculum for schools in Louisiana, which is a lens that deeply informs her art.


She has participated in multiple exhibitions in New York and Louisiana, and her paintings and commissions have been sold to collectors across the US and Canada.

Heather lives in New Orleans with her partner Josh and their two babies, Jade and Hazel.


Whenever our society baffles and upsets me, I tend to zoom out. I try to find parallels between human behavior and patterns in nature: What happened after insurrections in past civilizations? How does an ecosystem respond when it’s imbalanced? 


I use found earth pigments from the land itself to paint semi-abstract, tonal landscapes that explore our past and present relationship to the land. Painting with materials foraged from the land helps me appreciate its beauty and reckon with its ugly history (because what American landscape hasn’t witnessed ugliness?). My work is a nostalgic meditation on humanity and loss, as well as a commitment to confronting injustice.